This is me

This is ME

Feminism symbol. Fighting fist of a woman. Lovely vector illustration. Fight for the rights and equality.

I’m Still Learning About Feminism

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Putting your mental health before social media


About Me…

I'm Lauren, I live in Essex.

I'm 44 and feeling all the midlife feels, what have I achieved? Where am I going? What comes next?

I have 4 kids (22, 19, 15 & 6) and 2 step-kids (18 & 16), I'm over parenting teens, step kids, and huge age gaps.

I’m also a published author, a public speaker and a fucking unapologetic potty mouth. I can be found resisting wine and inhaling cake.

My circle is small and my family fractured, I’m as honest as the day is long and a HUGE empath.

An introverted extrovert with too many notepads and an inability to work modern day technology.

You’ll find me in my bedroom from 7.30pm and in the shower at 8am.

I’m a rebel and a confident, a loudmouth who values silence, a living contradiction.



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